CallVerifID by

This is another cool feature by myOpenID.

With this myOpenID enables multi-factor authentication.

You simply need to add a phone number [still this works only in US] to enable CallVerifID and you'll recieve a call immediately to verify the number. Once done - after each authentication you'll recieve a call to the given phone number and ask for your confirmation. You can confirm authentiation by pressing '#' on your phone.

You can further expolre this by visiting the WSO2 relying party hosted at

There you can find the demo 'OpenID PAPE Demo' - simply type your OpenID there and check "" - you'll be redirected to - where you need to type your password first and then you'll recieve a call to complete the authentication.

Once you are redirected back to the relying party web site - see the out put on the screen.

Authentication Policies: