Soft hands with heavy weapons - stories of LTTE child soldiers

A new set of books on LTTE child soldiers are to be released soon, hopefully late September.

These unveil just a bit of brutality and cruelty the LTTE released on generations over the past.

Kids were given weapons and forced from play-ground to the battle field.

They lost their parents, brothers and sisters - what else, LTTE killed their childhood in the name of so called 'Liberty' of Tamil people.

All the child soldiers in these stories unveil the truth. They cried and cursed LTTE.

Parents listening to their stories will neither join nor support Tigers.

LTTE is not an organization to bring Liberty to Sri Lankan Tamils, but a group of heartless people who always brought tears in to innocent Tamils.

They exploited the innocence in Tamil kids to inseminate the seeds of anger.

They mislead the courage in Tamil youth to fire bullets against Buddhist priests.

The author of these books spent nights in North & Eastern province, areas - under SLA control, meeting LTTE child soldiers.

Books will be translated in to both English and Tamil.