Setting up Apache Directory Server as the LDAP User Store

First we need to download Apache Directory Studio from here and install.

1. Start - Apache Directory Studio.

2. File --> New and select Apache DS Server

3. Window --> Show Views --> Other... select Servers

4. Right click on the 'wso2identity' server on the 'Servers' view and select 'Open Configuration'. Note that default port being set to 10389.

5. Window --> Show Views -->Connections and right click on the 'Connections' view to select 'New Connection...'.

6. Set hostname and port number of the server we just created.

7. Default password of admin is 'secret'.

8. Done. View the LDAP Browser. Now we are going to add a new user.Right click on 'ou=users' and select 'New Entry'.

9. Select 'inetOrgPerson' from left and add.

10.Set the attribute values for the user.

11.That's it - we are done.