Thursday, July 2, 2009

Security in SOA


Yaron Naveh said...

A really great presentation!

I did miss a slide on WS-SecureConversation :)

Lasantha said...

Dear Prabath,

This is one of the best presentations on web services security. So many thanks you/your team for the great effort :). I have one question on web services security and hope you will provide me answer on this issue.

1. I heard in web service communication, transport level security is always much faster than message based security. I also did some experiments on this issue with Axis 1.1 engine and found the same results. Do you know current situation on this problem, after changing things in to the Axis2? Is there any improvement in on this issue?

Kind Regards,
Lasantha Ranaweera

Lasantha said...

Hi Prabath,

Very nice presentation. Thanks for sharing it.

I have one question about web service security, may be you are the right person to answer it :).

I know message based web services security protocols were comparatively slow with wired based protocols, when I was using Axis1. Is there any improvement in this area in latest web services stack like Axis2 compared to previous situation?


Prabath said...

Hi Lasantha;

Sorry for the late reponse.

Yes - still the message level security is slower with respect to transport level.

Thanks & regards.

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