Get Google search updates right on to iPad Flipboard

Flipboard is one of the best apps for iPad.

It helps you keep in touch with overwhelming data/information increasing in heaps of volumes day by day - getting what you exactly need is the challenge.

Flipboard pulls data from Twitter feeds - so, you can add any Twitter account you wish - and you are interested in.

Say - you want to get all the feeds from the web on "SOA Security" - how to get this to Flipboard..?

1.Go to Google Alerts and create an alert for "SOA Security" - set "Deliver To" - Feed - and capture Feed Url

2. Go to Twitter and create a new account - say @soa_security

3. Go to Twitter Feed - create new account there - set the feed from [1] and set the Twitter account from [2]

4. Now you will get Tweets for the search term you set, via Twitter

5. Go to the Flipboard on iPad, Add a Section and set your Twitter account created in [2] - now you will get updates to your iPad from the web on your search term