[Blogging] 10 Tips to get 1000 Hits per day

1. Pick the most catching subject

2. Make the content short and sweet

- Essay like content doesn't help. Make the content as short as possible.
- One image worths thousand words - use images whenever appropriate.
- Use syntax-highlighters whenever you publish code.
- Use spacing/gaps as necessary - to make the blog posts more readable
- Use proper tags to tag your blog posts.
- Don't make the blog looks crowded with too many widgets/gadgets.

3. Keep the blog updated regularly

- Blog regularly and make sure you answer readers' comments
- Frequent updates helps to improve Google page rank

4. No anonymous blogging

- Always blog with a human name. That will give the readers' the feeling of being real.
- Post your email address or a way to contact you directly, in the blog

5. Publish on DZone

- DZone is a technology publishing company that produces valuable content for software architects and developers worldwide.
- It has a considerable amount of user base, highly focused on technology related topics.
- Do not publish your links on Weekends.
- Tag your DZone link properly
- Share the DZone link [via DZone]
- Make the DZone link description meaningful/attractive and readable.
- Participate in discussions via comments to the link

6. Publish on reddit

- Reddit is a social news website which has wide variety of topics.
- Pick the most appropriate topic for your link.
- Reddit has a huge user base compared to DZone.

7. Tweet

- Tweet about your blog post.
- Use hash-tags appropriately.
- Publish first in DZone and then Tweet the DZone link.
- Use catching words to describe what you have in the blog post - it need to not be the title always.

8. Share in Facebook

- Post a link to your blog post in Facebook
- Publish first in DZone and then share the DZone link

9. Subscribe to blog aggregators

- Subscribe to appropriate blog aggregators
- Don't publish the entire blog post to feeds. Blogger has an option to limit number of words.

10. Use SEO best practices to improve your Google Page Rank