The Mobile Connect implementation by Dialog Axiata and Sri Lanka Telecom Mobitel gets a special award at the EIC 2015

Dialog Axiata and Sri Lanka Telecom Mobitel won a special award at the European Identity Conference 2015, for the Mobile Connect implementation with the WSO2 Identity Server. It was my pleasure to accept the award on behalf of all three companies - and credit goes to the fantastic teams behind this whole effort from all three companies.

The combined WSO2-Dialog-Mobitel Mobile Connect solution is a fast, secure log-in system for mobile authentication that enables people to access their online accounts with just one click. There are different levels of security from low-level website access to highly secure bank-grade authentication. People who have subscribed to a participating operator know that when they click on a website’s Mobile Connect button they are making passwords a thing of the past.

It is the world’s first multi-operator Mobile Connect solution that provides an out-of-band medium for authenticating a user to any service provider without requiring a password. The GSM/UMTS network is used to send a USSD prompt, which can be simple ‘click OK’ or a request for a PIN, at the point of authentication. The response then verifies the user’s authenticity. For users accessing the site via a mobile network, seamless login can be enabled, removing the need for the USSD interactions and further simplifying the user experience.

The WSO2-Dialog-Mobitel solution fully conforms to the GSMA CPAS5 OpenID Connect OpConnect Profile 1.0. This is based on the OpenID Connect 1.0 core specification. Additional details on this are included in the answer to question 6 regarding the technologies implemented.

Mobile Connect was initially launched on trial basis to a significant user base as a combined effort between Dialog Axiata, Mobitel and WSO2 in July 2014.

Based on the success of the trial, Dialog Axiata and Mobitel are running this service live for the entire customer base of both operators totaling more than 14 million subscribers.