A Stateless OAuth 2.0 Proxy for Single Page Applications (SPAs)

1. Build the sample SPA from https://github.com/facilelogin/aratuwa/tree/master/oauth2.0-apps/org.wso2.carbon.identity.oauth.spa

2. Copy the artifact(amazon.war) created from the above step to [CATALINA_HOME]\webapps

3. This sample assumes Apache Tomcat is running on localhost:8080 and WSO2 Identity Server 5.0.0 or 5.1.0 is running on localhost:9443

4. If you use different hostnames or ports, change the hostname and the port inside [CATALINA_HOME]\webapps\amazon\index.html and in.html

5. Also note that the value spaName query parameter in [CATALINA_HOME]\webapps\amazon\index.html it should match the value sample1, which we define later in oauth_proxy.properties, if you change this value make sure you change both the places.

6. Create a service provider in WSO2 Identity Server for the proxy app. Note that this is not for the SPA.

7. Configure OAuth 2.0 as the Inbound Authenticator, with https://localhost:9443/oauth2-proxy/callback as the callback URL. This is pointing to the oauth2-proxy app we are going to deploy in Identity Server later.

8. Create a file with the name oauth_proxy.properties under IS_HOME\repository\conf Add following properties to the file oauth_proxy.properties
      9. The value of the client_id and the client_secret should be copied from the service provider you created in Identity Server

      10. The value of the proxy_callback_url should match the callback URL you configured when creating a service provider in Identity Server

      11. The value of sp_callback_url and sp_logout_url should point to the amazon web app running in Apache Tomcat

      12. The properties iv and secret_key are used to encrypt the tokens, set as cookies. The value of iv must be 16 characters long. The value of is_server property must point to the Identity Server.

      13. Build the OAuth 2.0 proxy app from https://github.com/facilelogin/aratuwa/tree/master/oauth2.0-apps/org.wso2.carbon.identity.oauth.proxy and copy target/oauth2-proxy.war to IS_HOME/repository/deployment/server/webapps

      14. Restart the Identity Server. Once everything is done and both Identity Serevr and Apache Tomcat are up and running, you can test this by visiting http://localhost:8080/amazon and clicking on the Login link.