Identity Patterns with the WSO2 Identity Server
Home realm discovery

  • The business users need to login to multiple service providers via multiple identity providers. 
  • Rather than providing a multi-login option page with all the available identity provider, once redirected from the service provider, the system should find out who the identity provider corresponding to the user and directly redirect the user there.
  • Deploy WSO2 Identity Server as an identity provider and register all the service providers and identity providers. 
  • For each identity provider, specify a home realm identifier. 
  • The service provider prior to redirecting the user to the WSO2 Identity Server must find out the home realm identifier corresponding to the user and send it as a query parameter. 
  • Looking at the home realm identifier in the request the WSO2 Identity Server redirect the user to the corresponding identity provider. 
  • In this case, there is a direct one-to-one mapping between the home realm identifier in the request and the home realm identifier value set under the identity provider configuration. This pattern can be extended by writing a custom home realm discovery connector, which knows how to relate and find the corresponding identity provider by looking at the home realm identifier in the request, without maintaining a direct one-to-one mapping. 
  • Products: WSO2 Identity Server 5.0.0+