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Monday, November 24, 2008

Google moves towards sso with OpenID

As per this announcement by Google, now all your Google accounts are OpenID enabled.

In other words - Google acts as an OpenID Provider - you may recall that even your Blogger urls are OpenID enabled.

Google's support to OpenID is through the OpenID 2.0 Directed Identity protocol.

Directed Identity is a term introduced with the seven laws of Identity and it says,

"A universal identity system must support both ‘Omni-directional’ identifiers for use by public entities and ‘unidirectional’ identifiers for use by private entities, thus facilitating discovery while preventing un-necessary release of correlation handles."

Under the OpenID terminology 'Omni-directional’ identifier is equivalent to the OP-Local identifier.

With Google, you can login to any OpenID RP by entering Google OP-Local Identifier, that is