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Friday, October 24, 2014

WSO2 Identity Server / Thinktecture - Identity Broker Interop

Today is the third and the final day of  the interop event happening right now in Virginia Beach, USA. Today we were able to successfully interop test a selected set of Identity Broker patterns with Thinktecture Identity Provider.

In the first scenario, a .NET web application deployed in IIS talks to Thinktecture via WS-Federation. Thinktecture is acting as the broker and asks the user to pick the Identity Provider. Then Thinktecture will redirect the user to the WSO2 IS via WS-Federation.

In the second scenario, WSO2 IS is acting as the broker. Salesforce which acts as the service provider talks to WSO2 IS via SAML 2.0. WSO2 IS asks the user to pick the Identity Provider. Then WSO2 IS will redirect the user to the Thinktecture via WS-Federation. In the return path WSO2 IS will convert the WS-Federation response into a SAML 2.0 response and sends it back to the Salesforce.