Infocards with myOpenID

This is the approach which, Kim Cameron mentions in his blog - in his proposal for OpenID - Infocard integration. Let's see how it works - myOpenID already supports this.

1. Go to myOpenID and signup for a new OpenID [if you already have a one from myOpenID this step is not necessary]- it is also possible to signup using a self-issued Infocard, in that case steps 2 to 5 are not necessary - those explain how to associate an Infocard with an existing myOpenID account.

2. Create a self-issued Infocard in your Identity Selector.

3. If you are aleady signed in to OpenID, sign out and go to the SignIn page.

4. Instead of typing your username and password, simply click on the link, "Sign in with an Information Card" - to select the self-issued Infocard that you just created, from the Identity selector.

5. Once you submit the Infocard, you'll be prompted for the myOpenID username/password to associate the Infocard you submit with your OpenID - this is only a one time step.

6. Now you are done. Whenever you are redirected to myOpenID for authentication you can simply login with your self-issued Infocard, which you registered with your myOpenID - OpenID.