WSO2 Identity Solution 1.0 RELEASED!

WSO2 Identity Solution team announced the 1.0 release of the WSO2 Identity Solution.

The WSO2 Identity Solution enables LAMP and Java websites to provide strong authentication based on the new interoperable Microsoft CardSpace technology, which is built on the open standards Security Assertion Mark-up Language (SAML) and WS-Trust. WSO2's new open source security offering features an easy-to-use Identity Provider that is controlled by a simple Web-based management console and supports interoperability with multiple vendors' CardSpace components, including those provided by Microsoft .NET. The WSO2 Identity Solution also works with enterprises'
current identity directories, such as those based on the Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP) and Microsoft Active Directory, allowing them to leverage their existing infrastructure. In addition to the Identity Provider WSO2 Identity Solution provides a Relying Party Component Set which plugs into the most common web servers to add support for CardSpace authentication.

You can download the release artifacts from here :

Key Features in this 1.0 Release are :

* Identity provider
- Simple management console
- Ability to connect to custom user stores
(LDAP/Microsoft ActiveDirectory, JDBC)
- Built in user store
- Support for the CardSpace default claim set
- Support for custom claim dialects and claims types
- Statistics/reporting/audit trail
- Ability to revoke information cards
- Issues information cards based on username-token credential
and self issued credential

* Apache HTTPD relying party module - mod_cspace
- CardSpace authentication support for static web content
- Support for any server side scripting language supported
by Apache2
- Easy integration interface for developers
- Support for content management frameworks such as
Drupal, MediaWiki

* Java Servlet Filter relying party component
- Provides an intuitive plug-in for J2EE web application
developers to enable CardSpace authentication
- Supports multi-valued claims
- Supports a set of simple operation