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Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Never they leave... just checking out...

Dr. Sanjiva, addressing the farewell party to Ruchith,Deepal,Saminda, Sanka, Sandakith, Dinesh, Diluka, Suran & Chandima - who left the company for higher studies, mentioned, "You can check-out WSO2 any time you like, But you can never leave!" - following the famous Hotel California.

I've been working closely with Ruchith during last year or so - in fact Ruchith is the one who interviewed me for WSO2.

To be honest, it's my privilege to work with such a talented person.

He's not just technically talented - but a great presenter, a patient teacher and a fantastic leader.

Ruchith has made him self famous in the open source community - specially in the web services security arena - and the WSO2 Identity Solution is a brain child of him - but he still finds time to answer any dumb question thrown to him.

I am still young to WSO2 to admire his service there - but any WSO2er will.

I recently had an opportunity to go on a business trip to UK/US with Ruchith and while we were in US we visited one of our clients there and on the way back to hotel - Ruchith mentioned that he truly feels guilty to leave WSO2 at this moment. He further added that - WSO2 has built him up during last few years from zero to hero - and at the time he's in a great shape to help back WSO2 - he has to leave - which he felt guilty about.

Also, once we were in London, due to extremely personal reasons - Ruchith had to say 'no' to a request came to him from the company to do a training on Axis2. It was a very valid reason - and he had no other option. Later, from my colleagues at WSO2, I learnt that this was the first time Ruchith has said 'no' for such a request - it was clearly reflected on his face just after conveying his decision back to the company - and I have never seen Ruchith being so upset, before.

Once again, I am still young to WSO2 to comment on his loyalty - but, any WSO2er will.

That is... just one side of the story - let me add few words on the other side as well.

There was a time Ruchith felt he should postpone his admission to grad school by either a semester or by an year.

Any company CEO will definitely admire this decision and probably put a party on this.

But, Dr.Sanjiva, knowing very well the value Ruchith can add to WSO2 - encouraged him to leave the company to pursue his higher studies on time - which Ruchith finally had to agree.

This is fantastic - but not a surprise to anybody aware of WSO2 culture.

Ruchith: it's been great working with you for last few months and I wish you all the very best for all your higher studies - make your country and people proud of you...!!!