Adding DZone to iPhone / iPod Touch

I was looking for an aplication or an add-on to iPod/Safari where I could post a link to DZone - from the corresponding web site it self.

Failing to find one - I followed the following work-around - which worked perfectly for me - so, thought of sharng it for the benefit of others.

1. Open up Safari and go to

2. Add a bookmark to it - and set the Title of the bookmark as - 'Submit to DZone'

3. Now - tap on the Bookmarks link, as in the image shown below - click 'Edit' and select 'Submit to DZone'.

4. Remove the current Address of the 'Submit to DZone' bookmark and set the following..
5. Now - go to any web site you want - and to submit that link to DZone - just tap on the Bookmarks link on the bottom of the browser and select 'Submit to DZone'.