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Friday, November 20, 2009

First look at Google Chrome OS

First we need to download the Chrome OS VMWare image from here.

To run this - we need to have VMWare Workstation - a 7 days trial version availbale from here to download.

Now - you need to wait hours and hours to get the trial version license key from VMWare. Instead of that use this - M142T-1034J-M8280-0KA8H-A49PC. If you are curious about this - here is the news behind that.

All set - setup your image with the VMWare Workstaion - steps here.

That's it - now you can login with your GMail account to your OS :)

Not bad at all - how about using an OpenID instead...

Read this for more info - "11 Things You Need to Know About Google's Chrome OS".