We started with http://RampartFAQ.COM few months back as an effort towards helping the open source community around axis2/rampart. This post summarises all the posts there, as of now.

1.What is Rampart?
2.How to configure Rampart in Axis2?
3.How to run Rampart samples with Apache Tomcat?
4.How to enable SSL on Tomcat?
5.How does the nonce and the timestamp get generated for hashed passwords in UsernameToken?
6.How to create wildcard certificates with java keytool?
7.How to import/export certificates using Java keytool?

1.How to use Axis2 Dynamic Client to invoke Secured Web Services?
2.How password Callback Handlers work in Rampart?
3.How to ask for a hashed password in security policy?
4.How identity delegation works with ActAs in WS-Trust 1.4?
5.How SOAP message encryption works?
6.What is Assymetric Binding?
7.Would timestamp validation fail when servers and clients running in different timezones?
8.How to secure a web service with UsernameToken + HTTPS?
9.How to enable SSL on WAMP?
10.How to dump out JKS private key?
11.How to create a Certificate Authority with OpenSSL on Windows?
12.How to secure web services with HTTP Basic Authentication?
13.How to do UsernameToken authentication for web services based on AD?
14.How to secure a web service with UsernameToken?
15.Can we have multiple private keys in a single JKS?
16.<ramp:user> vs <ramp:encryptionUser> vs <ramp:userCertAlias>

1.How to call web services having SSL mutual authentication enabled?
2.How to setup a secure conversation with an STS?
3.How to ceate a new JKS with an existing private key and a signed certificate?
4.Can we have per service, policy based results validators?
5.How to apply policies at binding hierarchy?
6.Can we avoid duplicating crypto info added to RampartConfig in different services.xml files?
7.How to enable NTLM authentication in Axis2 client?
8.What are the Rampart handlers in inflow and what do they do?
9.How to do proxy authenticaion at runtime - in Axis2 client or stub?
10.What are policy subjects and where goes security policy assertions?
11.How Token referencing works in WS-Security?
12.How to add a secured and a non secured end point to the same service?
13.How to enable security for JAX-WS services with Axis2/Rampart?
14.How to generate a non-secured response to a secured request?

Common Errors First Element must contain the local name, Envelope , but found html Cannot recover key An unsupported signature or encryption algorithm was used
4.[ERROR] Referenced security token could not be retrieved (Reference "#CertId-238146") Cannot find any provider supporting RSA/NONE/OAEPPADDING Did not find the desired phase 'Security' while deploying handler 'PolicyBasedSecurityOutHandler' Illegal key size or default parameters The timestamp could not be validated