Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Identity Patterns with the WSO2 Identity Server
Single Sign On between a legacy web app, which cannot change the user interface and service providers, which support standard SSO protocols.

  • The business users need to access a service provider,where its UI cannot be changed. The users need to provide their user credentials to the current login form of the service provider. 
  • Once the user logs into the above service provider, and then clicks on a link to another service (which follows a standard SSO protocol), the user should be automatically logged in. The vice-versa is not true.
  • Deploy WSO2 Identity Server as the Identity Provider and register all the service providers with standard inbound authenticators (including the legacy app). 
  • For the legacy web app, which does not want to change the UI of the login form, enable basic auth request path authenticator, under the Local and Outbound Authentication configuration. 
  • Once the legacy app accepts the user credentials from its login form, post them along with the SSO request (SAML 2.0/OIDC) to the WSO2 Identity Server. 
  • The WSO2 Identity Server will validate the credentials embedded in the SSO request and if valid, will issue an SSO response and the user will be redirected back to the legacy application. The complete redirection process will be almost transparent to the user. 
  • When the same user tries to log in to another service provider, the user will be automatically authenticated, as the previous step created a web session for the logged in user, under the WSO2 Identity Server domain. 
  • Products: WSO2 Identity Server 5.0.0+ 


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