Deploying WSO2 Carbon Server over a secured LDAP [s] connection

Please refer my previous blog post to see how to deploy WSO2 Carbon Server over a LDAP User Store.

I will highlight only the changes from there - when it comes to a secured LDAP connection.

1. Change the ConnectionURL and set ldaps instead of ldap and set the port correctly.

2. Import the LDAP server's SSL certificate in DER format to [CARBON_HOME]\resources\security\client-truststore.jks. If the certificate is not in DER format you can use OpenSSL to convert it to DER.

3. When starting the Carbon Server - start as following.

$ sh[CARBON_HOME]/resources/security/client-truststore.jks

There replace [CARBON_HOME] with your absolute path to CARBON_HOME.

That's it.