Kerberos authentication with WCF Service and Java Client

1. Go through this previous post and get the WCF Service running properly with the Kerberos authentication.

2. Download the Kerberos java client Eclipse project from here - import it in to an Eclipse workspace and fix the missing references - all the jars available inside [WSO2_ESB_HOME]\repository\components\plugin. You can download WSO2 ESB 3.0.1 from here.

3. rampart-core, rampart-policy and wss4j should be picked from patch0003 and patch0023. These patches are not publicly available - but will be added in to the future releases. If you interested, please contact us on

4.Make sure the Eclipse project compiles.

5. Configuration files

5.1. krb.conf
        default_realm = WSO2.COM 
        default_tkt_enctypes = rc4-hmac 
        default_tgs_enctypes = rc4-hmac 
        dns_lookup_kdc = true 
        dns_lookup_realm = false 

        WSO2.COM = { 
            kdc =
Here, WSO2.COM is my root domain name of my Active Directory, which is acting as the KDC and is it's IP address - so you need to change them as per your setup. Make sure that you have default_realm all caps.

5.2 jaas.conf
Client { required
You must have this Client section. Here we set useTicketCache=false; so our java client need not to be running from the same Windows domain as the KDC. If you set to true, you need to be in the same Windows domain as the KDC and also edit the Windows registry at the client end - my previous blog post explains how to do that - see #6.

5.3 policy-1.xml
     <rampart:property name="">client</rampart:property>
     <rampart:property name="client.principal.password">1qaz2wsx$
     <rampart:property name="">service/myserver@WSO2.COM
     <rampart:property name="">jaas.conf
     <rampart:property name="">true</rampart:property>
     <rampart:property name="kdc.des.aes.factor">4</rampart:property>
     <rampart:property name="">/Users/prabath/clients/org.wso2.identity.esb.kerberos/krb.conf
This is the security policy of the client and we have to set the path to jaas.conf and the absolute path to the krb.conf - at the same time we need to set the username and password of the client who invokes this - and this account should be in the Active Directory.

Also make a note of, - this is the SPN of the account where the Kerberos service is running under - we set this up in my previous blog post

6. In the KerberosCLient code set the RELYING_PARTY_SERVICE_EPR to you WCF Service EPR

7. That's it :)