Sunday, December 26, 2010

Deploying WSO2 Identity Server over MySQL

My previous blog post explains setting up MySQL Server and related tools under Mac OS X.

Once you are done with setting up MySQL - login as a root and execute the following SQL. You can use MySQL Workbench for this.
create database regdb;

use regdb;

GRANT ALL ON regdb.* TO regadmin@localhost IDENTIFIED BY "regadmin"
Once that is done. Open up the [IDENTITY_SERVER_HOME]\repository\conf\registry.xml and add the following section under <wso2registry>.
<dbConfig name="mysql-db">
Now, find <currentDBConfig> in registry.xml and set it to mysql-db.

That's it for the registry.

Now, we need to set User Manager database pointing to the MySQl DB.

Open up the [IDENTITY_SERVER_HOME]\repository\conf\user-mgt.xml and edit following settings.
        <Property name="url">jdbc:mysql://localhost:3306/regdb</Property>
        <Property name="userName">regadmin</Property>
        <Property name="password">regadmin</Property>
        <Property name="driverName">com.mysql.jdbc.Driver</Property>
        <Property name="maxActive">50</Property>
        <Property name="maxWait">60000</Property>
        <Property name="minIdle">5</Property>
Then you need to copy the MySQL DBC driver from and Place it in the $IDENTITY_SERVER_HOME/repository/components/lib directory.

That's it - and start the identity server as sh bin/ -Dsetup


Bharath said...

I want to configure MySQL to WSO2 Application Server 4.0.0 and for that I have pointed the registry.xml and user-mgt.xml to mysql. Also I started the app server with -Dsetup option. It gives me an error : Duplicate key name 'REG_PATH_IND_BY_PATH_VALUE'. This issue has already been raised in WSO2 JIRA by some other person [CARBON-8288]. The status being shown is Resolved, but nothing has been mentioned regarding the Fix Version/s. So finally, what is the resolution for this? Can this be really accomplished?

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