Deploying WSO2 Identity Server over MySQL

My previous blog post explains setting up MySQL Server and related tools under Mac OS X.

Once you are done with setting up MySQL - login as a root and execute the following SQL. You can use MySQL Workbench for this.
create database regdb;

use regdb;

GRANT ALL ON regdb.* TO regadmin@localhost IDENTIFIED BY "regadmin"
Once that is done. Open up the [IDENTITY_SERVER_HOME]\repository\conf\registry.xml and add the following section under <wso2registry>.
<dbConfig name="mysql-db">
Now, find <currentDBConfig> in registry.xml and set it to mysql-db.

That's it for the registry.

Now, we need to set User Manager database pointing to the MySQl DB.

Open up the [IDENTITY_SERVER_HOME]\repository\conf\user-mgt.xml and edit following settings.
        <Property name="url">jdbc:mysql://localhost:3306/regdb</Property>
        <Property name="userName">regadmin</Property>
        <Property name="password">regadmin</Property>
        <Property name="driverName">com.mysql.jdbc.Driver</Property>
        <Property name="maxActive">50</Property>
        <Property name="maxWait">60000</Property>
        <Property name="minIdle">5</Property>
Then you need to copy the MySQL DBC driver from and Place it in the $IDENTITY_SERVER_HOME/repository/components/lib directory.

That's it - and start the identity server as sh bin/ -Dsetup